Must Visit Attraction at the Andaman Islands

Port Blair

• Jolly Bouy Island – Opened only for 6 months in a year. Closed on Mondays
• Baratang Island – Closed on Mondays
• Chidia Tapu – Always Open
• Ross Island – Closed on Wednesdays
• North Bay Island – Always Open

Havelock Island

• Elephant Beach for Snorkeling – Can be reached by boat or by trekking for upto 40 Minutes.
• Radhanagar Beach – Always Open except after sunset.

Neil Island

• Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur beach and Natural Bridge can be visited.


• Ross and Smith Island, Saddle Peak and Turtle nesting from December-March.
Must Do Activities at the Andaman Islands
• Scuba Diving at Havelock Island.
• Sea Walk at North Bay Island.
• Snorkelling at Jolly Bouy and Elephant Beach
• Trekking to Limestone Caves – Baratang Island
• Fishing Trips to Cinque Island, if you have the budget.
Now, we think you have an overview of what your Andaman tour package should contain.

How cheap is the Andaman Tour Package?

If you come in a group of 25 people or above you will get the best deals. No matter where you stay and what you prefer because you will be travelling in your group and will distribute the total costing which will end up each person spending less amount than for travellers in less number. The discount can go upto 40%.
If you come in a group of 15 people the cost reduces. This can go upto 40% again but now you will just have to consider where you wish to stay as the cost can significantly vary depending upon the room cost per night.

For couples, your total cost depends upon the category of hotels, and the places you prefer to visit. Please don’t just go with the initial package cost you see. Ask the vendor, how have you charged me? Can you provide the breakup? Business who can provide the break ups are the real ones because they know the best prices in the market and are ready to share the breakup. Those who are not take different ways. We at Enjoy Andaman Trip share breakup of the total tour cost so that you know what you are paying for. Thus bringing transparency in your trip to Andaman Islands

The package price varies depending upon what you do and where you stay and yes the number of days as well. Some packages can go less than 5000 per person. Yes, off course this is the starting range where people travel for only 3 Nights or less to Andaman Islands. We at Enjoy Andaman Trip personally do not recommend such a less amount of days to Andaman Islands. But, be careful that you just don’t get anything which is not even worth the price you are paying for. On an average a package for 4